Generally, unsolicited poems are considered for publication in Pencil Marks .  However, infrequently we consider a poem to be published as a Broadside. we look for well-crafted poetry in any style and on any subject.  We expect poems which use rhymed and metered verse or traditional forms of any kind to be highly knowledgeable and skilled in their chosen style. Syllabic or free-verse poetry is expected to skillfully use poetic devices and to have both sound and imagistic appeal. poets whose work is chosen for broadsides may submit


Payment: 10 free copies of the published broadside plus an author's discount on the purchase of additional copies

Chapbook Manuscripts

We are a very small press with volunteer workers, so we do not publish very many chapbooks, However, we will consider a finished manuscript of high quality, especially if it targets underrepresented groups of poets (e.g. seniors, the disabled, specific ethnic groups, etc.), Our preference is to put our own open "calls for submission"for anthologies and themed chapbooks

.Chapbook Manuscripts are  accepted digitally or as hardcopies. Manuscript page length should be between 15-30 pages. Poems must be typed on 8 1/2" x 11" white paper and bound with a spring clip, isent by mail.  Use a standard 12 pt font, such as Garamond, Arial, or New Times Roman.  Do not include illustrations. Do not include photocopies of poems from magazines or journals. Please submit only one copy of your manuscript. Please do not submit your only copy.

A complete submission should include:

  • your manuscript  with only a title  (manuscripts are read blind) followed by a complete table of contents   
  • A cover letter that includes your name,  address, telephone, email, and a signed statement that  all the poems are your own original work. 

  • A title page that also includes your name and contact information.

  • An acknowledgements page. Poems included in your manuscript may be previously published, but you must have reprint right and  include an acknowledgements page providing the appropriate acknowledgements of previous publisher

For Digital submissions: send an email with two attachments.  One of  your  Title only mansucript and another with all the other required pages.

Payment for Chapbooks:: 20 free copies of the published chapbook and an author's discount on the purchase of additional copies.  For collaborative projects  the 20  complimentary copies will be given to the editor for for appropriate distribution. 


 Please Note that we are currently running a contest for chapbooks (See Menu for contest information.) which may delay our opportunity to read your manuscript immediately.   We are a very small press that uses volunteers as readers and since our chapbook contest has a specific deadline to meet,we give contest entrees priority.  Please be patient  about our getting back to you at this time.  If time is important to you, you may want to consider entering  your manuscript in the contest.